Samsung Galaxy S 8GB Wi-Fi MP3 Player

First impressions

I did not know I was getting this item ( it was a surprise gift) so when I first seen it I was very surprised, it was visually appealing and really slick looking. it was also boxed really well I was actually surprised how much came out the box. it felt great in my hands not to big and not to small, the weight was also fairly light. I could reach the top and bottom of the screen with my thumb which may not sound important but it's useful if you're only using one hand. So it's fair to say that the first impressions of the product was pretty good.

What is the product capable of?

You can do a lot more than just listen to music on this thing...It has maps + GPS navigation, email, web browsing, social networking applications,
voice recorder, video recorder, task manager, Quickoffice, youtube, books and much more the list could really go keep going for a long time. This is because you can download and install most apps for this product, there are hundreds of apps to choose from. Some of the apps I got and tried myself are Skype, MSN, Spotify, Amazon Kindle and a few more and they all work really well. Because the product has a camera on the rear and front along with a microphone it is possible to have video conversations through skype. The speed of this product is very good I have not had a problem with it yet. The whole feel is slick from looks to actual use, this makes it easy to use and enjoyable. You can also customize certain menu's so they suit you better. The battery last quite a while and should not raise any problems.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is really good for a device like this, you get free headphone with this and the quality is great. Of course it could be better but there is no need for it to be . The headphones also fit the ears really well an'd do not really hurt after wearing them for a while like most, they do a good job keeping background sound out too. Based on what I have experienced you should not have any problems with this.

Will you become bored of this product?

It seems highly unlikely that you will become bored of this product... with a wide range of apps (constantly expanding) web browsing, video streaming and social networking it's pretty much impossible to become bore of it. This apply s even more if you love reading due to the ability to read from the Amazon kindle app. I pretty much consider this to be a handheld computer and to me there is always something new to do on a computer.

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