New Mirrorless Cameras for 2013

What are mirrorless cameras?

Mirrorless micro four thirds cameras in a nutshell

Mirrorless cameras are the perfect synthesis between a compact camera and a DSLR. They are small, portable and easy to use like a compact, but possess the large high quality sensor of a professional DSLR. The biggest difference between mirrorless cameras and DSLRs is that mirrorless cameras, as the name explicitly states, lack a mirror-based optical viewfinder. It is for this reason that these cameras are able to have such a compact design. To find out more about the technology behind mirrorless cameras, click here.

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November 2012

New mirrorless camera releases for 2012

  • Canon EOS M
    Canon's first contribution to the mirrorless world. It is a good camera, but has received criticism for its sluggish autofocus and lack of viewfinder.

December 2012

New mirrorless camera releases for 2012

  • No mirrorless cameras were released during the month of December. Such a shame!

January 2013

New mirrorless camera releases for 2013

  • No mirrorless cameras were released during the month of January. Such a tragedy!

February 2013

New mirrorless camera releases for 2013

  • Nikon 1 S1
    The smallest mirrorless camera in Nikon's 1 series to date. It has a 10 MP CMOS sensor and improved autofocus. It will also have a new processor called the EXPEED 3A.
  • Hasselblad Lunar
    Hassleblad's first mirrorless camera model produced in tandem with Sony. It has been designed to resemble the Sony NEX-7, but aims at a "luxury" market with its Italian leather grip. Rumour suggests that it will be released in February 2013.
  • Fuji X100S
    The successor to the Fuji X100 mirrorless camera. Focus peaking is a new addition to this camera, as well as a faster hybrid AF, and a Digital Split Image function.
  • Fuji X20
    The successor to the Fuji X10 mirrorless camera. Some innovative features include focus peaking and new X-Trans sensors. There will also be a faster hybrid AF.
  • Nikon 1 J3
    The successor to the Nikon 1 J2. It closely resembles the J2 in terms of appearance and specs.

March 2013

New mirrorless camera releases for 2013

  • Samsung's NX300
    The Samsung NX300 is the latest contribution made by Samsung to the mirrorless camera industry. It is said to have amazing speed and accuracy, a 20.3 MP sensor for high image quality, and an innovative touch/posable LCD screen. It will also have the very first 2D/3D lens to appear on a camera.
    Click to read the full press release from Samsung.
  • Sony NEX-3N
    A new Sony NEX model with an electronic zoom dial. It has been designed to be paired with the Sony 16-50mm and 18-200mm Power Zoom lenses.

April 2013

New mirrorless camera releases for 2013

  • Samsung NX1100
    A beginner's compact system camera with high image quality, wi-fi capabilities and AutoShare.

May 2013

New mirrorless cameras releases for 2013

  • Ricoh GR
    Ricoh's unexpected contribution to the mirrorless world. It is a premium compact with a 16.2MP APS-C sensor and a fixed 18.3mm f/2.8 lens.

New Mirrorless Cameras: Release Date Unknown

The following mirrorless cameras have been announced by their respective companies, but have not been given an official release date as of yet. Stay tuned to find out exactly when these newest additions to the mirrorless mob will hit the shelves!
  • Polaroid IM1836
    A strange addition to the mirrorless market, but true nonetheless. It greatly resembles the Nikon J2 in terms of appearance and will be Android powered.
  • Polaroid iM1030 and Polaroid iS2433
    Both of these Polaroid mirrorless cameras are intended for entry-level photographers. The sensor will be included within the lens rather than inside the camera. They will be available sometime between April and June.
  • Kodak S1 Mirrorless Camera
    A micro four-thirds mirrorless camera to be released in the third quarter of this year by Kodak and JK Imaging. It will have a Sony CMOS sensor and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Samsung NX-R
    A rumoured full-frame mirrorless camera. Has yet to be confirmed.
  • Samsung NX-30
  • Sony NEX-7n
    A new Sony NEX is set for release in April. It will have a 3.8 million dot electronic viewfinder, and a 24 MP sensor.

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