What you need to know when buying a tablet computer


Screen at Tablet PC
It is the most important factor in your purchasing decision. May be, for you is more easy and useful a larger screen - even a half-inch bigger can make a signifaicant difference. But if you looking for more portable, big screen could be significant more weight and lastre.
Samsung Galaxy Tablet offer 7 inches, more small like Ipad that have 9.7 inch screen. Another option is the Archos 1010 has 10.1 inch screen (huge).
Another interesting option is Toshiba's Libretto that have two 7-inch touch screen.

If important before you made your choice, to test drive some of this tablet, mean how responsive the screen to your touch, and if the brightness enough for your entorn.

Wireless Connections

Almost every tablet support some kind of Wi-Fi, and there're some tricks, some few models support only 802.11 b or g spec. Not is a great options, because if you need strong support for strean media or hard dutie downloads, if better count with 802.11n.

Another point to take care if the tablet can connect via 3G, is optimal, and almost of the case, you get a lot of beneficts. But by the other side maybe you "married" with a carrier, like AT&T for Ipad at USA territory, or Sprint for Samsung Galaxy.

May be you need to considerate that the tablet come with support to GPS, to help you with task for geolocating.

And dont forget the bluetooth connection. It let to transfer files more easy and using headset or headphone via bluetooth.

OS and Apps

The most important choice are Apple Ipad OS and Apps from iTune, and Google's Android OS. But each has advantages and drawbacks.

Another options to be considerate is the new Windows 7 for tablet pc with nice features. And the RIM with the OS for Playbook Tablet.

But you need to take a look to several apps to considerate you more valuable for use that you'll do with tablet. Android apps market have a lots of several application for each possible task.

Recently Apple announce that over 300000 apps for Ipad from its apps store. With great option to keep update when you download apps.


The one thing that will always be true about storage is that you can never have enough of it, mean as you use your tablet for entertainment device to see movies or hear music. For standard that have several GB, and really great its have a SD or microSD slot, to let you upgrade your storage by adding a removable memory card.

Inputs and Outputs

At this case, Ipad doesn't have a true USB port, so you can only work with proprietary iPod connector. But there're some great options with HDMI out, that you can connect direct to a TV for look your videos or photos.

But, maybe you can always count with third party enhance to let you more ways to use your tablet, like keyboards, pens or docks to performance their use.


Almost tablet have support for headphones, but you can check its have built-in speakers, and the sound is clear even at high intensity.

Or of course, which additional options you can find.


There're great options with built-in cameras like Samsung Galaxy or Playbook tablet with camera rear and front. Check their resolution for take pictures or videos. Another options that haven't cameras like Ipad, offer connection for external digital cameras via special ports.

You may can take advantage with tablet with camera is important that what you thing to do with them.

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